About Isuzu

Founded in 1916, ISUZU Motors Limited has the longest history of any Japanese vehicle manufacturer and is one of the world’s largest producers of commercial vehicles spanning light, medium and heavy weight classes.

ISUZU Motors Limited  is also the world’s largest commercial diesel engine manufacturer, produce over 27 million engines to date. ISUZU diesel engines are preferred by toplevel automobile manufacturers around the world for their superior performance and exceptional fuel economy. ISUZU’s high quality diesel engines are not only used in road transport applications, but also as heavy machineries, power generation and for marine propulsion applications.


The origin of ISUZU’s pick-up can be traced back to the ISUZU WASP in 1963, which was engineered under a passenger vehicle concept but functioned as a durable truck.

Over the next 40 years – backed by record sales – ISUZU pick-ups were exported to North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and other markets around the world.To this day, over six million people depend on the strength, reliability and economy of ISUZU pick-up which is also proved through the famous world rally car races.