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The latest generation from a successful line of ISUZU pick-up models, the all-new ISUZU D-MAX hails a new era in pick-up trucks.

Today’s global business environment is typified by demand for reliable commercial vehicles and an increased corporate focus to implement environmental and sustainable nitiatives. These challenges are at the heart of ISUZU’s product development strategy nown as SEE Technology – which stands for Safety, Economy, and Environment. hese three core areas are the basis of ISUZU’s product development program. The ll-new ISUZU D-MAX cleverly embodies this philosophy.

Performance, reliability, comfort and dependability. These are the key concepts that dictated the styling of the new ISUZU D-MAX. Taking full consideration of our customers’ needs, we have combined intensive research with a passion for superior engineering to ensure the new ISUZU D-MAX is a pioneer for the new era. In our endless pursuit for more fuel efficient, comfortable ride, the ISUZU designers conducted extensive wind tunnel testing around the world, to ensure the aerodynamics of the new ISUZU D-MAX created a quieter and more economical pick-up truck.

Designing and testing the new ISUZU D-MAX didn’t stop with the new and improved aerodynamics. With a tough reputation to maintain and reliability to be guaranteed, he new ISUZU D-MAX was subjected to countless hours of laboratory testing of environmental and climatic conditions from around the world. The durability test was conducted covering over 4 million kilometres – equivalent to 100 laps around the world!.